Ann-Katherin Bahr

Ann-Kathrin Bahr “AK” was born and raised in Germany. As a child she did a lot of drawing. In her teenage years she moved on to digital art and web design. The actual beginning of her career as an Artist was a collection of 8 small paintings she did for her boyfriend, which turned into her doing a lot more commission artwork for close friends. After concentrating on developing her own style the artist started combining her passions of Art and Music. She began to paint hip-hop and RnB artists. “Hip Hop has not only had a big impact on me, but also on my whole generation. I think I am a good example of the reach that this genre has had globally.” Ak’s style of art focuses on high detailed portraits with a realistic touch. “My paintings are my way of visually catching the essence of each Artist. The same way Musicians use their music to express emotions and create a vibe, I am using my art as a visual representation of that.” - AK