Black currency
Gallery & Exhibition


FEB 4 - FEB 28, 2022

Ownership - Trap Music Museum Art Gallery

Black Currency Gallery & Exhibition

In honor of Black History month, Trap Music Museum will celebrate Black Business and Ownership through art. “Black Currency” – Art Gallery and Exhibition will highlight 14 black-owned local businesses that inspire and thrive in Atlanta. We have partnered with some of Atlanta’s most talented and creative artists to create unique art pieces for each individual business.

What is currency? According to Merriam-Webster it is first defined as circulation as a medium of exchange. Furthermore, it’s defined as the quality or state of being current as well as a medium of verbal or intellectual expression. Black Culture is current, Black Culture is intellectual expression, Black Culture has evolved into Black Currency as we continue to understand the value and importance of circulation within our communities.

“Between segregation laws that prevented Black residents from shopping in white neighborhoods, and the desire to keep money circulating in their own community, Greenwood residents collectively funneled their cash into local Black businesses. Greenwood became a robust and self-sustaining community, which boasted barber shops and salons, clothing stores, jewelers, restaurants, taverns and pool halls, movie houses and grocers, as well as offices for doctors, dentists and lawyers” (Missy Sullivan, Honoring this legacy Black Wall Street, we are able to travel down notable streets in the city of Atlanta such as Auburn Ave, MLK Blvd and Northside Dr as black businesses are currently thriving. These businesses are Black Currency! The currency that extends beyond the dollar and pushes our culture forward with promises of a future that sees excellence, wealth, leadership, ownership, and social capital.

Black Currency Art Gallery and Exhibition honors 14 local black-owned businesses. We are giving these businesses their flowers and acknowledging the currency they have invested into Atlanta. While we know there are many more black businesses to honor, this exhibition is just the beginning! Welcome to Black Currency.

Future Gallery: 50 Upper Alabama St. Atlanta, Georga

Nka Gallery and TMM Art Gallery presents Artist Talk with DL Warfield

Come out to meet and listen to artist, DL Warfield, discuss his current work displaying in at The Nka Gallery in collaboration with Trap Music Musuem Art Gallery exhibition titled “Evolution From The Trap”.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Nka Gallery
915 Buchanan Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37208

Past Exhibits & Events

Evolution FROM the Trap


oct 22 - OCT 23, 2021

Evolution From the Trap

Evolution (n) – the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

Trap Music and culture is more than beats and hooks. It’s about survival and it is something we all can relate to. The circumstances of life that are pitted against us  and how we are able to ascend beyond those things. It is about our daily battle to make our stories bigger than the school to prison pipeline. Bigger than what the media and society tells us to be. The journey itself, well, that’s evolution.  

 Welcome to The Evolution  from the Trap.  An exhibit that explores the simple and the complex. The duality of coming from nothing and that being the very thing that fuels your success. One’s growth from their lower being to their higher self. The evolution of seeing how music and art has always been the narrative for the past, present and future of the community.   The Evolution  from the Trap  exhibit invites you to explore your duality,  your lower and higher self,  your journey and most importantly, your Evolution.

The Only Christopher We Acknowledge Is Wallace

atlanta, ga

OCT 11, 2021

The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace

For more than a decade, the Bishop Gallery has created art exhibitions that conserve culture and history. Hip-hop culture’s historical significance in the art world is sometimes neglected. “The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace” Vol. 2 – ATL Edition is curated by The Bishop Gallery in collaboration with Atlanta’s Trap Music Museum.

The Bishop Gallery values the opportunity to preserve hip hop culture and a significant element of music history. A crucial component of The Bishop Gallery’s objective is to do so with the same zeal and curatorial approach as past acclaimed exhibitions. Collaborating with Trap Music Museum and their Emerging Fine Arts Gallery is a unique way to make the arts more accessible while also aligning with The Bishop Gallery’s core values.

Exhibit will be viewable until November 11th, 2021.