Olajawaun Gooch

“To consciously create is to be more of your true self. The creative process is a spiritual practice to me.” - Olajawaun “King OG” Gooch. Olajawaun is best known for his vibrant portrait paintings of the stars. His medium of choice is acrylic on canvas. Olajawaun manages to capture the very essence of each individual he paints. His painting style is a blend between Hyperrealism and Impressionism. His work is bold and rich, simple, and complex. His use of the color “Red” makes his pieces easily recognizable by loyal admires of the artist’s work. Much of Olajawaun’s inspiration comes from music and hip-hop culture. Many of his portraits are of people whose music he enjoys listening to. Olajawaun was born and raised in Miami, Fl. He graduated from Morehouse College with a Business Administration degree, concentration in Finance and not to mention a collegiate athlete. After graduating college, Olajawaun was a personal trainer for about 6 years before he transitioned back to his creative nature. Today Olajawaun’s main focus is to create as much as possible as often as possible. Check out his captivating pieces in the Trap Music Museum featuring Kevin Gates, Gucci, Rick Ross, Young Thug, and YNF Lucci.