Thornton Brown IV

Born in the nation’s capital but bred in Decatur (where its greater!) since his high school years, Thornton T Brown IV is a mixed media artist with a knack for nuance. Never formally trained but always in tune with the gift, being encapsulated by Atlanta’s art scene for over 15 years gave Thornton the opportunity to explore his talents and develop his own unique style. Inspired by the likes of Miya Bailey, Paper Frank, Dr. Dax, and other fellow artists (who’s works are apart of his extensive personal collection) Thornton uses the fine artistry of Film, the scenic nature of Hip-Hop culture, and the competitiveness of Sports to create vivid paintings that connect you to special moments in time. A committed participant in the “Art-that-creates-art” mindset, Thornton’s priorities are to inspire others and in a feeling that only art can provide. After receiving acrylic markers, acrylic paint and canvas as a birthday gift, Thornton transitioned from pen and paper to the aforementioned medium, where he’s found extreme success. Check out his vivid works of art at the Trap Music Museum.