Antonio McIlawaine

Antonio Mcilwaine is a Philadelphia born fine artist, who is also known as “ARM OF CASSO”. Hailing from the school of “Creative and Performing Arts”. He uses his “fine art” skills to produce intricate, abstract, and colorful pieces to life. His urban modernized art uses mixed medium methods, including sharpies, acrylics, and micro-pens. ARM OF CASSO usage of vibrant colors combinations and sharp lines has given his work opportunities to be displayed in VIBE Magazine and multiple Hip Hop artist sites. His art has been admired by public icons such as Swizz Beats, Lupita Nyong’o, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Quest Love, Erykah Badu, Rick Ross, Sony Music, Epic Records and many other well-known art venues throughout the country. While in Philadelphia, ARM OF CASSO work has inspired the formation of an art group with local artists known as SWAG (Sharp With Art Group). With this group, ARM OF CASSO was able to curate reputable art shows throughout the city and a name was made for himself in the Philly creative art scene. ARM OF CASSO reason behind his unique creations is the desire to bring light to his city of Philadelphia and one day spread that light and inspiration around the world. His growth as an artist stems from his persistence in recreating his art and building a platform where his profound passion for art is shared and displayed for the world to see. ARM OF CASSO currently resides in Atlanta, where his world has evolved from traditional portraits and paintings to a much more socially involved and abstract technique using a style he calls “sharpism”, which comes from the many sharpie markers used within his work. He has participated and showcased his artwork in multiple shows in Miami, including several live art events during Art Basel 2016 and 2017. ARM OF CASSO currently teachers art and is currently working on new pieces for T.I’s “Trap Music Museum” in Atlanta that will have a pop up art show in Art Basel 2019 hosted in Miami, FL.