Eddie Sumpter

Eddie “ENUKE” Sumpter is a self taught artist born and raised in Birmingham, AL. As a young adolescent, he spent an abundance of his time drawing as a way to express himself. However, the love for sports overshadowed any ideas of becoming an artist. In his teenage years he decided to make a dubious decision to completely put down the pencil and join the United States Marine Corps. Ironically, Art tracked him down to basic training. He was force to pick up a paint brush for the first time, after a drill instructor recognized his talent and selected him to be an artist recruit. The universe spoke and since then, he developed his own unique style utilizing a variety of artistic mediums. ENUKE style focuses more on details that capture emotion and life. “Every painting is tailor-made” – ENUKE Check out his work in the Young Thug Exhibit “Squamata Thug”