Ashleigh Sharmaine

Ashleigh Sharmaine, also known as “ YoAshIsDope” is a freelance artist, illustrations and painter. She is known for her crossovers and concept artwork. Originally from Massachusetts, Ashleigh moved to Mississippi when she was twelve years old. At a young age Ashleigh was very interested in the arts. As a young child she always had her hand in arts and crafts. Being self taught, Ashleigh inherited her talent from her uncles on both sides of her family. Ashleigh’s inspiration comes from growing up in the 90s, life, society and pop culture. Music, movies and historical pioneers have a deep impact on her pieces. Ashleigh’s artwork takes you through a journey of nostalgia and a reminisce of hip-hop and pop culture. Ashleigh’s creativity is limitless when it comes to her artwork. She gained a lot of popularity around 2015 when her design “Hey Arnold, When the squad links up” went viral as well as other designs. In 2015, Ashleigh was introduced to graphics and vector art. Teaching get herself how to illustrate with an app on her cell phone she continues to create dope illustrations on her phone today. Ashleigh is continuing to expand her brand to the next level with her extraordinary designs and paints. Art has played a major role in her life and continues to do so with great opportunities and memorable moments.