JE the Vandl

Twice the Artist is a phrase that fits Chicago born artist Joshua ,“ JE the VANDL” Ellis to the core. As an Animation graduate from the elite Art Institute of Atlanta, he truly has an understanding and passion about the arts, which has led to a higher level of artistry. JE’s art stimulates the imagination with an original feel that connects with you on a personal level. He possesses the ability to transform his trials and tribulations visually into positive motivation for himself and anyone who loves to create. JE defines art as A RAW emotion that can be reforged and illustrated as freedom, passion and love. JE’s first love was art, and before the age of 3 he knew he was going to be an artist when he grew up. with a renewed spirit and urge to make things bigger and brighter. Being “twice the artist,” means being twice as ingenious, twice as insightful and twice as dedicated to his craft. JE continues to VANDL-ize the norm, and showcases how REAL JOSH ELL-is.