Darrell Jones

Born in Memphis, Tennessee to a family of eight, Jones started doing art at an early age. Motivated by his mom to pursue it seriously, he enrolled in Junior College in Memphis and from there transferred to Jackson state University, where he studied design and took his first painting class. During his senior year, he shifted his focus to animation. After graduating, he moved to L.A. where he studied animation and began to work between the two mediums. He enjoyed both the Mississippi and California experience and reflects that in his work. Bold energetic lines, bright colors, and interesting composition are the essentials of Jones’ work. Inspired by storyboard type compositions, graffiti art, and the sketchy marks of rough animation. He fuses the sketches and scenes together in the composition with colors that draw in the viewer. Finally, he uses dry paint collected from his paint pallet and recycles it into current pieces to give the paintings texture.