Chris "Deutsche" Byrd

Chris ”Duetsche” Byrd : Chris was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 22nd 1991. He has been drawing cartoons, realistic figures, landscapes and more since he was 6 years old. Chris was mainly influenced graffiti and comicbook artists, illustrators, hip hop music, anime, and 90’s television shows in his artwork and slowly developed a unique style that encapsulates all of them at once. He works traditionally, digitally and with several other different mediums. In college, Chris studied Illustration and Music Theory for 5 years. However, to hone his art skills even further, he narrowed his focus to specialize in illustration for his Bachelor’s Degree he received at the College for Creative Studies. With his talents, Chris has done logos, comic covers, fine art, graphic design, album covers, character design and more. He has even done a theme song for a wrestling company. Now that he has hit the Atlanta art scene, he plans to shake things up with a fresh and dope new look to the hip hop art community.