Harold Caudio

Accomplished mixed-media artist and designer, Harold Caudio is in a lane of his own. He has blown away anyone who has had a chance to experience his art. Haitian-American and South Florida Native, Harold started doing art the first time he picked a crayon as a child. Harold created the ‘The Colored Collextion’, an emotion-evoking series of portraits of powerful figures made entirely out of Skittles (candy). This infamous ‘Collextion’ has been featured at Art Basel Miami 2013, 2014, 2018 & 2019, Art Palm Beach 2019 and The Wearable Art Gala 2019. It’s been viewed by millions of people, and has gone viral on social media sites and featured in numerous publications & networks such as Business Insider, Young Turks, BET, Good Morning America, The REAL tv, NBC, ABC World News, Palm Beach Post, the LA Times, Fox News, 60 minutes and more.

The inception of Harold’s first Skittles art piece ‘JUSTUS,’ was inspired by the murder of the late Trayvon Martin, a sweet innocent 17 year-old boy, who’s life taken too soon. This story impacted Harold personally and he came to the realization of how easily it could’ve been him, or his son, brother, cousin or friend. Rather than make signs and march. Harold chose a rather creative conventional approach to protest. He chose to do so creatively.

After the Trayvon Martin piece was completed, the thought of “what if” began to plague Harold. What could Trayvon have become if he had a chance to live? So Harold did people of color who has made a lasting sweet impact starting with Malcom X, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Nipsey Hustle, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Bob Marley, Will Smith, Offset, Michelle Obama, Kobe Bryant and many more. Everybody he feels is impacting culture/society in a sweet way will be immortalized in Skittles to continue with their sweet impact.

Harold named the artwork ‘The Colored Collextion’ because we, as “colored” people have had a huge impact on society and culture; we color the world. It’s a way of flipping an insult and making it impactful pop art. The idea of the collection is to bring people together, no matter what color or background while spreading unity and peace.