Ahren Burgdorf “ ATB” was born and raised where the redwood mountains meet the picturesque West coast in the small town of Santa Cruz California. At a young age his passion for sign collecting, street culture and hip hop music were evident. His astute eye and attention to detail led him to a young career as an accomplished finish carpenter in the Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay area. At the age of 28 he relocated to Salem Oregon in a move toward slowing life down and raising a family in the beautiful great NW. Years of experience in the building industry gave way to pursuing additional studies in Portland Oregon and a genuine interest in Energy efficiency and building science. Today Ahren continues his career in the field and manages a Home Performance company based in Salem Oregon. His longtime collection of signs and appreciation for hip hop music and street art have come full circle. The epiphany came and Primo Sign Design was born. A long time dream studio build on his family’s small mountain acreage has paved the way for bridging old passions into new creations. Each individual design cleverly blends the unique visuals of sign and portrait. Clever plays and combinations are sought after where possible. Passion is undeniably evident in Ahren’s approach to life, family & his art.